Buttercups and Black Sheep at the Beach


I’ve been away one month and during that time Summer has wrapped itself around every nook and cranny. This gentle land has been clothed in a carpet of lush green velvet.

The grass in the fields has grown tall; the larks and corncrakes and cuckoos are out in force and the air is scented with honeysuckle.

I am back.  At the beach. In the early morning light contemplating the days ahead and solving the problems of my world.

World View:  Seat of Power at the North End, Isle of Iona

The waves are gently lapping, and after a fairly hectic couple of weeks, all is suddenly quiet and still. The question is starting to form in my mind: “What next?”

I can’t write a list so it crosses my mind I should make the most of the moment and meditate. But it’s kinda fast-tracked as I’m jet-lagged and my attention span isn’t great so I close my eyes.

And suddenly there is music – loud music – and it seems to be coming from my pocket. I must have knocked my phone and one of favourite songs is now ringing out and joining the birdsong at the beach.

It just seems so funny but as I listen, I am somewhat amazed to find that the words are poignant and applicable.

It finishes and as I am thinking how random it was, the song starts again. This gets my attention because I’ve never used the repeat function on my phone and it’s all just happening on auto-pilot!

So I smile and listen again more intentionally, then think when it’s quiet again: What a coincidence!

Without doing a thing, she starts to sing one last time. I am fully attentive now, I sit very still and listen with the ears of my heart…..

Honeysuckle in the Hedgerows

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  1. Glad to see you are safe and Sound back in what looks like a stunning place to be.
    from Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge waiting room

    1. Post

      Hi Chele – I went through Glencoe a few days back and thought of you. Trust all is going well. What a whirlwind day it was when we spoke. I remember I was going to get you some information but in all the craziness of those last days, I have forgotten what it was! Can you refresh my memory. THANKS SO MUCH. Susan

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